After completing my master degree, I joined Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) as a lecturer in January 2002. My first journal submission was a paper extracted from the master thesis, with M. Azali and Melvin Hinich as the co-authors. Unfortunately, the three referee reports from Macroeconomic Dynamics suggested major revisions, and eventually we did not resubmit. In the same year, I have also submitted a paper to Journal of Empirical Finance, but it was rejected.

After the above frustrating outcomes, I decided to turn my attention to some Malaysian-based journals. For the period 2002-2004, most of my research papers were submitted to domestic journals such as Pertanika Journal of Social Science and Humanities, International Journal of Management Studies and International Journal of Business and Society. The reviewing process has been a great hands-on learning experience for me, especially in justifying the research motivations and contributions. After gaining the much-needed confidence, I started submitting my manuscripts to overseas-based journals and also prepared myself for further study. In early 2005, I applied for a staff scholarship from UMS to pursue a PhD degree in Monash University (Caulfield campus). The application was approved with a 4-year study leave from 15/10/2005- 14/10/2009, and a new journey in my academic life begins...



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